Michael P. Slevnik Private Detective Chicago - Seek and You Shall Find
Congratulations to the 9303 students that have completed our training since 2012.                   

                                 Illinois Part 1
Illinois Concealed Carry Class Part 1 is scheduled for April 21,28. May 5, 10,12,19,26.Price: $75.00 plus range fees
Illinois Concealed Carry Part 2
Illinois Concealed Carry Class Part 2 is scheduled for April 19,29. May 6,12,20,27. (If you have 8 hours of prior approved training or currently  Active or Honorably discharged from the military the Part 1 class is waived.)
Please bring a copy of your prior training or DD214 to class.
Price: $75.00 plus range fees
Location of classes: Elks Lodge, 10720 S. Central, Chicago Ridge, IL
Location of range: Chuck's Gun Shop, 14310 S. Indiana, Riverdale, IL (Instructor will confirm range dates the first day of class)
Call 708 212 3067 or e-mail (pdslevnik@ameritech.net) for a class flyer.
****No refunds, credit for future classes only.
NRA Pistol Marksmanship Simulator Training: 
NRA Range Safety Officer Class:  

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